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Bangladesh hit hard by record floods

Authorities and aid organisations distribute
essential supplies to thousands of flood victims in
northwestern Bangladesh.

Victims of devastating flooding in Bangladesh wade through
water to reach aid.

Hundreds of people have died from drowning or water borne diseases and some 250,000 were left
stranded by flash flooding and landslides last week, set
off by record-breaking heavy rain.

Nicolas Haque travelled to the remote village of Khoyagari.


Millions displaced after floods in India

Floods in the Indian state of Assam have killed at least 81 people and dozens are still reported missing. Disaster struck after the mighty Brahmaputra River and many of its tributaries breached their banks, washing away thousands of homes mostly made of bamboo and straw, as well as roads, bridges and power lines. While the rains are easing, hundreds of thousands of people are trying to rebuild their lives after incessent torrents flooded at least 2,000 villages, destroyed thousands of hectares of farmland and displaced at least 2 million people. Al Jazeera's Prerna Suri reports from Assam.


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