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Inside Story - Why does violence continue to plague Assam?

Indian security forces are patrolling the streets in northeastern Assam state after days of rioting. Surrounded by China, Myanmar, Bangladesh and Bhutan, Assam is home to more than 200 ethnic and tribal groups. Muslim Bangladeshis make up most of the immigrants. Violence has now spread from Kokrajhar to Chirang and Baska districts. And around 170,000 people have fled their homes for relief camps. How can the Indian government ensure security in that state despite past failures? Guests: Suhas Chakma, Namrata Goswami, Shisir Basumatari.

( Comments ) How can you people say this things?! Muslims say they peace loving religion! Loving peace of shit maby) but the problem is when you repeate the same lie over and over again it becomes true so people really bellieve they are peace loving and close their eyes on all the violence they creating

2 Assam crisis is the example to rest of the world, what can happen if you let Muslims enter you nation. they are like infection they will suck up resources and destroy you. they are not in your country to join you for creation of future. they are their to destroy you and turn you in to one more Islamic ghetto of 14th century.




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