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101 East - Vietnam's wandering souls

On Sep 6, 2012

The Vietnam war ended 37 years ago but 300,000 Vietnamese soldiers remain missing, bringing enduring grief to their families who believe that until they are found the souls of the dead can never rest. Comments 1=The truth is Australia is NOT helping. Some individuals are but the Governmet is NOT. The Australian Govt had an obligation to provide assistance commencing at the conclusion of the war -1975. For 10 years I have been searching for 42 NVA buried in a bomb crater at the former site of FSB Balmoral. The Governments contribution towards this search is a pittance to what I have extracted from my pocket. It is a disgraceful act of neglect and lack of respect for the NOK by the Australian Government. 2=The effects of Agent Orange-Pink or Blue are now developing in the children of the third generation. The US are currently cleaning an area that is servely effected by these toxins, an area where childen used to play. I hate to think of the possible outcome in their children. 3=The Domino Theory which served for justification of SEAsian involvement by Western powers was a lie founded on a lack of understanding that the Vietnamese never liked the Chinese, the Chinese found it next to impossible to invade Vietnam, in no small measure due to the geography of Dien Bien Phu valley, and on a larger scale, the US in fact wanted the French destablised of their colonial possessions. A pity then that murder groups dependent from that struggle have remained operational. 4=

Notice that America isn't...

The US also has completely ignored what Agent Orange has done to Vietnam, at the same time it pays compensation to its soldiers for exposure for the very same substance at much lower concentrations than the Vietnamese people.

The US's version of Justice is for Just-US





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