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How Vietnam Was Lost (BBC War Documentary)

On Jun 24, 2012

BBC documentary which tells the story of the Vietnam War - which saw the American Army pull out of Vietnam unable to defeat the local guerilla fighters.

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There was a puppet government who was not communist... not chosen by vietnamese people.

This government was NOT democratic, and the "South Vietnam" as a state did exist only because foreign countries, like USA, did NOT want the Vietnam to be entirely ruled by communists.

It's all a matter of ideological battle.

2=No Russia isn't Communist. It's actually now illegal to be Communist in Russia. Shows what you fucking know. 3=Do you even actually know what Communism is? Do you have any idea who Marx is? Who Lenin is? What happened in Red October? Obviously you fucking don't.4=That's just America's answer to everything though. "Liberate" everything in fucking sight, whether it wants liberating or not. The amount of bloodshed USA has caused in just 200 years is like no other nation on the planet, and the sick thing is some of your countrymen celebrate that. 5=Hahaha. USA won Iraq? What did you win? The middle-east hate your country more than ever. Al-Qaeda bombed the WTC, so your government went in a bombed 100,000s of innocent civilians and children for oil. 6=Nothing can be said here that hasn't already been said. It's great how hind site gives 20/20 vision, the important thing is to learn from from past, many people in leadership rolls from presidents to generals have not. 7=yeah my uncle was up in I corps near the dmz in 67 and 68. its not napalm, but he came in contact with agent orange and still has medical problems to this day 8=Napalm was pretty nasty, both the Vietnamese(even the ones being born today) and the GI's are suffering from cancer of all sorts, birth defects,etc. - even from the GIs who just served there. the children of the GI's and the Vietnamese are also suffering from all sorts of congenital problems. 9=Just got back from Vietnam, amazing country with great people. Such a shame what happened there, yet they show little bitterness towards Americans. Maybe you guys should actually visit these places and speak to the people before bitching about it on youtube and simply quoting wikipedia articles. 10=moron? you call me liar? this is not what the USAirforce has done? (not only to Hue but Hanoi and other citys as well) large parts of Vietnam was market as "Killing Boxes" in the US-Army maps.this means anyone in these areas has to be killed no matter who and why there. the Massacre of My Lai was not a single incident. it happen hundred times (but without western journalists) . the US Army act like the SS and SD in Belorussia 1941. 11=every war is pointless after WW2. But super power like U.S. needs to show muscles every decade.. thats why we big war every 10 years now  12=its very strange to see this murderers crying. when the US B52 fleet bombarded the City of Hue at Night 40.000 Civilians die in just 1 hour. it would be nice to see someone bombarding Los Angeles and killing 8 % of the population. an the result : corpses of little children on the streets torn apart in pieces. the whole city burning. woman screaming all around. blood run in rivers. legs arms and heads everywhere... 13=I served two tours in Iraq. I'm not entirely anti-war (I believe in grown men standing up in defense of their families, homes, civilization etc) but as it stands right now there's nothing in the USA worth defending. What did I fight for? I fought for others to have the right to get EBT cards while my wife and I work hard to put food on the table. I fought to get others a Sec 8 voucher so they can live in a bigger house than me while I struggle to pay rent. I fought for corrupt.....(1) 14=ye well i really dont think that humour comes into a serious subject such as this documentary sorry if im being frank but if you want to comment dont forget that this ain't really a comedy 15=vietnamesenachos is infact correct vietnam was not infact won on the battle field but on the tv screens in the homes of ordinary americans. Also I dont think the Americans lost alot or any firefights waht so ever but as we have seen in this documentary they certainlay lost many lives in them. In the end it wasn't uo to losing or winning the firefight. As for the viatnamese it was about hit andrun techniques to destroy american moral.





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