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Korean War
Korean 2014


North Korea launches satellite into orbit

Who's Comments=China owns the largest part of US public debt. And since I don't particularly consider myself a citizen of any country your threat is meaningless, particularly since I was born in the US and am, so far as I know, still legally a citizen in good standing. But then fools who only ever learned to write in block capitals are notorious for indifference to facts. =How would China do that when half of it's people are starving? attack with more captial letters? =Kim jong un is a low life, but he still has the right to do whatever in terms of satellite launch like any other country =Africa deserves to be destroyed! They enslaved there own people and tortured and murdered them in the 1600's! Then sold the survivors to slavers! They continue to commit genocide and try and wipe one another out everyday. They lie and steal! Why do you think companies wont sell things like phones down there? Whole shipping containers disappear! They have desiese like AIDS that kill slowly and painfully then rape young girls to spread the virus! THEY MUST ALL BE DESTROYED! Learn history

North Korea floods displace over sixty thousand

The United Nations is sending a team into North Korea to assess the damage caused by recent floods.
Reports say 88 people have already been killed by the heavy rains, with thousands of hectares of land either destroyed or submerged.



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