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Bali tourism under threat

On Sep 7, 2012
The Indonesian island of Bali is known the world over as an idyllic tourist destination. But that reputation is coming under threat as overdevelopment, pollution and traffic jams are becoming harder to hide from visitors.

Who's Comments=Im talking comparing the poor to rich for the locals. There are a handful of rich in COMPARISON to the poor. Sure , ANY culture becomes greedy and arrogant when money is brought into play.

One would think when being a foreign investor , they could help the locals pay a bit more. Don't know how many times ive seen locals work 12 hours a day for 2-3 US dollars. Of course foreign investors can afford to pay a better rate. This is my point.

here is someone who has a hangup about colour ... sorry, the locals are the ones who dump garbage into the rivers ...and that is what is causing the toxic invasions ... it has very little to do with the tourists themselves!

that's nonsense! There are plenty of rich (and often greedy) Balinese ... and of course the hordes of Javanese that steer the machine of government from Jakarta, -- and yes, they often see nothing but their own pockets .... there are greedy foreign investors, too, sure, but nothing exceeds the greed of the locals!

no, humans are not stupid... Indonesians, though, are for the most part greedy and immensely stupid! Of course, as far as the media goes, this is predictably superficial ... but Indonesian business is turpitude personified, at all levels. The garbage you see is only the outer form of the inner defilements

Which makes me want to raise another issue. The attitude that many Balinese have adopted due to their exposure to tourism (mainly kuta night life) has made them all sorts of crazy. Some wanna be like these tourist/expats as in to say, adopt their ways of life & what not. Some have deep hate towards them. Some just see them as bags of money to exploit.

Basically, Bali is a socio-economical nightmare.

Support Local Busniess - Don't support the big chain hotels, or upper end restaurants etc



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