Khmer farm, Village good Picture Views in Cambodia country side beautiful Photo homes tree nice flower around the house

This village's more beautiful and more people house fishing boats on the water in river so lovely people beauty picture nice flower place

People, they are working on the farm around road. Good house coconut tree palm trees growing rice file green plane


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  Cambodia Fashion and Clothing Presentation,Khmer Cambodia music song


  Cambodian Fruits of the Forest new khmer Cambodia music song

Shows the Cambodia fashion scene. People in Cambodia wear various types and styles of clothing. Khmer and anyone can wear these clothing, known as the Cambodian Style.     Shows the fruits of Cambodia.
There are many types, sizes and shapes of fruits in Cambodia. There is durian, fruits of many types. There is bananas, and mangos. There is trop; eggplants. There is sway salok bahok. There are various eggplants. There is knoll. There is champoo. There are many vegetables, beans, and preen. There is melons of various types. There is plae maka. There is young bananas and flowers. There is lychee nutsw and sweet nuts.


  Khmer Fashion Trends and Cambodia Clothing Showings and Music Songs


  Cambodian Khmer New Fresh Foods of Delicious Music and Songs

  Shows the Cambodian and Khmer Fashion trends. There are many Khmer people that like to dress in many types of clothing that fit the Cambodian culture with a mix of Western culture clothing. The accessories can include glasses, bows,and ties. The fashion can represent Phnom Penh city culture to Western foreign culture types of clothing mixed with Cambodian style types of clothing trends.     Shows Cambodian Foods.
There are Cambodian stews, and barbeque. There is fish and fried bananas. There is fried fishes. There are long sausages and sausage stews. There is curried chicken good with shrimp sides. There is nom a chok. There are fried and boiled pork stomachs. There are banchow and red flowered battered fish. Trey mit. There is cha site mon with nom ga dee. There is various noodles. There is also bahok. There is various tasting liquides with various sides. There are delicious and delicate bugs and insects that are good to eat. There are rice eggs and many baws. There is catfish and ching coon.


Khmer Cambodia Star Karaoke Fashions Musical Songs News Video


Khmer Food from and the Cambodian Cuisine

  Shows the Cambodian Star and People Fashions.
Khmer Traditional and contemperary fashions. There are various dresses such as the blue sarong. There are fashions with Karaoke Stars and bands. The fashion shows Phnom Penh fashion and Khmer in the United States fashion. Many Cambodian people, khmers, and others that live in the various cities in Cambodia have their own style and fashion. The karaoke and movie stars show off fashion for other people to want to wear. The fashion can include pants, to shirts to dresses.
    Presents Khmer Foods and desserts. There are many Khmer varieties of foods and desserts.


Touring Cambodia Music Song pictures


Cambodian Khmer Foods Cambodia Khmer music song

  Shows touring Cambodia and the many sights and sounds.
These shows the Cambodia visiting photos. There are swimming pools, seasides, and more. People can see the temple wat. There are houses on the waters. The buses can take tourists to many places in the Cambodia country. The rocks show the Cambodian ancient history. There are many places for people to visit Cambodia.
  Shows a selection of Cambodia foods. There are many styles and varieties of foods.

Cambodia Buildings with the French Styles in Battambang Province


Khmer Cook Cambodian Music Star News Cambodia Ban Chaw Part 3 End

Shows the buildings in French styles.
Battambang province. These buildings were built during the French colonization era. The historical sites, houses and structures were built with the French style architecture. There are some buildings that are over 100 years old. Some people of Battambang would like to build new buildings and structures like the French styles. Some of the Battambang people want the province in Cambodia to be more like the French styles. Battambang province has the most French type buildings in the entire Cambodia country.
  Presents Khmer Song. Enjoy the Music and Star of Cambodia . This is Khmer Song. There is singing dancing Cambodia Cooking Ban Chaw Part 3 End



Cambodia yekea Khmer song music


khmer Cambodian lakorn song Bona sakorn music

  Presents Cambodia yekea khmer song. The art of Cambodia Theater and arts.     Presents Cambodian Lakorn through a female singer. The female lakorn singer shows the art of the khmer lakorn. The lady sings a story through acting and music.



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khmer Model 2014 New

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