Khmer farm, Village good Picture Views in Cambodia country side beautiful Photo homes tree nice flower around the house 2021-08-19

This village's more beautiful and more people house fishing boats on the water in river so lovely people beauty picture nice flower place

People, they are working on the farm around road. Good house coconut tree palm trees growing rice file green plane


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Prime Minister Hun sen Thaksin Younger Sister Abhisit Vejjajiva Prime MinisterShinawatra

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On Friday Morning April 22, (2011) Thai Khmer Soldiers Fighting along border and

Thai Soldiers4 killed and wounded.

Khmer Soldiers 3 killed and wounded. People have to flee out from fighting border Area.


On Sunday Afternoon April 24,2011 Thai Khmer Soldiers Fighting along border at Taa Marn and Taa Kror Biy. Thai Sodiers 10 killed and 28 wounded.

Khmer Soldiers 6 killed and 17 wound. Over 20000 People force to flee out from fighting along border Area.

Taa Kror Biy and Taa Morn Fighting Area



Cambodia Thailand Khmer News, Villagers flee from Fighting in Border Area, April 23, 24, 2011

Cambodia, Thai Soldiers have been wounded and Killed Border side.



The fighting took place near the Ta Moan and Ta Krabey temples, where most of the clashes have taken place. Thousands of villagers have been displaced by the fighting, in which eight Cambodian and five Thai soldiers have been killed.

Khmer Soldiers


Cambodia Khmer News Music Song Cambodian Military Presentations

Cambodia has various military weapons, equipment, and artillery. There are various colors and textures to show the Cambodian military. The Khmer military reaches through out the Cambodian continents and various locations in Cambodia.

Cambodia and Thailand Peace talks. The main army leaders from both sides talk for peace on border areas. The talks were at time 11:30 am at Casino Hotel Osmact. The talks were half an hour. The talks describe to stop the border fighting and make peace like before.


Civilians who fled fighting between Thailand and Cambodia have begun returning home, as 10 days of border clashes eased.
Tens of thousands of villagers had been staying in temporary camps and temples as troops exchanged artillery fire in jungle areas both sides claim. A truce agreed on 28 April did not end the fighting but reduced its intensity. The clashes, which began on 22 April, have killed 17 people, including one civilian.

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