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Raw Video: Police and students violent clashes
Global News - Montreal

Wed, Mar 7: Global News cameras roll Wednesday as emotions boil over and violence erupts between student protesters and Montreal police. Warning: Violence. Viewer discretion is advised.
Riot Cops Take on Student Demonstrators in Montreal March 7, 2012 Global News - Montreal Canada French

March 7, 2012 - Be forewarned: there is a fair amount of swearing in this video. And police brutality. Striking Montreal students occupy CEPUQ to protest a 75% tuition fee increase and other neo-liberal austerity measures. Over 30 riot police show up and use pepper spray, batons, stun grenades and other violent repression tactics against the unarmed students. Shown is a peaceful protestor brutally arrested, multiple people pepper sprayed and hit with shields and batons, riot cops throwing stun grenades, and multiple charges by the line of riot cops.

The loud bangs are stun grenades that the riot cops threw low over the crowd, causing students to be hit with shrapnel- someone may lose an eye, and many folks took it in the face and neck. The final few seconds are especially chaotic- a cop smashed me in the elbow with his baton, and when I turned another one pepper sprayed me full in the face, that's why the last second of the video has gone white.


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