Khmer food is great tasting.  Many Khmers like meats such as beef, frog, pork, duck, and various meates. There are many types of foods,vegetables. English Food

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Thai Quail Egg Tofu Curry {Recipe + Tutorial}


Cambodian Plea Salmon {Salmon Tartar or Salmon Ceviche}

*I love love love Plea Salmon... So with that said! This dish would be wicked when eaten as an appetizer or as a meal with your favorite choice of Alcoholic beverage or Virgin! Oh and I can't forget the most crucial part, you must surround this dish with Great Friends, Great Conversations and lots of Laughter to fill your Hearts!

Comments 1=love the video! was just what I was looking for since I LOVE SALMON. the fish roe added a nice touch to it also. but I jus wanted to know is, since I have some friends that don't eat the murky fish, will this recipe still work with just the regular fish sauce?

2=Thank you so much! I think substituting the fish sauce instead of using the "Murky Fish" lol, would be a toned down version of this dish. If your friends dislike the strong taste of the anchovy sauce {murky fish sauce}, they might just prefer your critiqued version better. Just remember you can alter this recipe to your liking, that's the beauty of cooking... nothing is ever set in stone! Have fun and please let me know how it comes out. Thanks again and have a Beautiful week na!

3=great video!!!! thanksyou very much, definitely got to try it. i see that you do some shopping at SF market haha....saw the label on the thai basil. We alwayse do our shopping there ourself being we from vegas as well haha. have a great day, keep up the good work

4=Hi There! Thanks so much for the nice comment! Yay, another fellow Vegasian haha!!! I love shopping at SF, I'm always there! Hopefully one day we'll bump into each other! Please try out the recipe and let me know how you like it?





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