Khmer farm, Village good Picture Views in Cambodia country side beautiful Photo homes tree nice flower around the house

This village's more beautiful and more people house fishing boats on the water in river so lovely people beauty picture nice flower place

People, they are working on the farm around road. Good house coconut tree palm trees growing rice file green plane


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Pol Pot secret killer pt1

Who's Comments 1=Oh and I would be quite pleased if you would be indulgent enough to explain to me why you seem to be so upset over the fact that the French are now "soft and spoiled", when you are clearly not pleased with the way their apparantly not spoiled and soft ancestors acted towards foreigners like yourself. 2=
Uhh yea cause it makes so much sense to punish the current French population for something their ancestors did hundreds of years ago.

It also makes sense that you are pissed for something that did not happen to you, nor any other now living person.

I promise you I have no intention of raising your chagrin, but I kindly ask you to stop begging for attention and blaiming innocent people for something they did not do to someone who is not you.

Have a nice day. :) 3=French cunts, just as bad as English. Thankfully, their time has gone because they are soft and spoiled now and it is about the time all the nations they raped and robbed bend them over and fuck them in their soft fat gutless ex colonial asses. 4=

This is largely because of the European colonial system that like to oppress people and ruined countries that they occupied. Which lead many of the leaders to rise up and what could be a better way to back their belief and power with a communist ideology.

In the end only the poorest and the most innocent people are stuck in between the 2 systems and pay dearly for their lives. 5=yes that is true. Communism, Fascism and now we have the NEOCONS with there wars in the middle east to "democratize" the middle east. "The road to hell is paved with good intentions". 6=Totalitarianism and it's "utopia". There is always someone offering a utopia, and there aren't very many commies anymore. Watch out for any utopians. Especially religious fanatics; this is their time. 7=thanks for posting. Its important for people to see the evils of Communism and its "utopia". Maybe the most Monstrous regime in history.

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