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The Cafe Failed state or economic giant?

It is a tale of two countries. One has assassinations, mass murders and grisly beheadings. The other Mexico has a rich cultural heritage, a booming economy that threatens to overtake Brazil, and is home to the world's richest man. As a new Mexican president gets ready to take office, which version of this country will prevail? Is Mexico winning or losing the war on drugs? Can Mexico become a political and economic superpower?(Comments)1= MéXico is an Economic Giant. A progressive democracy with plenty of natural resources, businesses, industries and potential to become a first world nation. We are the fastest growing economy and the richest country in Latin America. The self called " war on drugs " is bullshit. It is terrorism made in u.s.a, like many people have said; is true, communists from the antilles and beyond hidden behind walls and under roks hate or freedoms, democracy and capitalism.2=
Failed State: if you get your knowledge of Mexico from a news report by CNN or Faux News.

Economic Emerging Power: if you have seen the amount of trade going on at the border (the thousands upon thousands of 18 wheelers and shipping containers going both ways) or know anything about economics and statistics.3=I sometimes question people who have that optimism of Mexico. I live in the USA and when I visit Mexico from the border towns to the D.F. its all the same. That bs he talks about, is actually fake, I had to run into buildings where the owner had to lock it before whoever was shooting ever comes in. Maybe its my luck. But it is dangerous out there. Maybe economic giant if your into the drug trade.4=Excellent discussion. As a Mexican, I am glad to see this discussion; it was very constructive and respectful rather than just attacking and blaming to each other. We have to stop blaming others and start by us, every citizen can change the country. Lets be the change that we want for Mexico.5=Kiddin me? there's no democracy, freedom or growing. Wanna know something? poor rate grew up in the last six years. Do you know in Oaxaca, Chiapas, Guerrero, Puebla, there are some villiages where the people has nutritional problems as in Somalia? Mexico is one of the 20 biggest economies... but where's the money?6=

Well I'm not so sure about that. Our American media report on a variety of issues and problems at home and abroad. Mexico is our southern neighbor and so the whole cartel problem down there should warrant our attention and I expect a competent journalistic entity to report on it or else I'll be ignorant as to what is taking place. Here at home, our unemployment rate is our number one problem and so I expect our media to talk about it and they do.

And no one wants to take Mexico's oil.7=Public opinion: If the illegal drug problem exists in all countries, why the violence suddenly start hitting Mexico only? How is the main stream media brainwashing you to accept and justify that?7=

Even if most floridians are blacks, illegals and other weird minorities, Florida is owned by the British government and intelligence MI6, just like Cayman islands and other islands like Falkland islands or Bahamas. .

Absolutely right, violence in Mexico is terrorism! mi6+cia 8=most of AljazeeraEnglish employees are british. In London is located their main broadcasting offices. Qatar was a British protectorate like Belize one of the countries making border with Mexico. You won't hear many news from those places.. Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, etc,You won't hear about radical Islam, corruption, drugs or anything bad from those places and you should know why. In Latin America happens the same with Cayman Islands, Bahamas or the puppet narco-leftist-regime of cuba. 9=I think the british and america media, brits and yanks, spend their time attacking, calumniating, defaming and bashing on Mexico and ignoring the communist narcostate of cuba, for two reasons: They want to take over our oil reserves and pemex! and they don't want the public opinion to know that cuba is a narcostate used as jump board to smuggle illegal hard drugs from southamerica to the united states. 10=

Gringos can't stop smoking crack-cocaine and meth !!!!!! the supply of crack cocaine is never short in corrupt druggie liberal states like... like the state of Florida ! Tons of cocaine coming from southamerica are smuggled through cuba to florida on daily basis.

Violence in Mexico is Terrorism !!!!!! T E R R O R I S M created by the C I A because the CIA owns the narco state of communist cuba , the puppet governments of chavez and castro, and all the drug cartels in Latin America. 11=Thanks to all the panelist for sharing with us their ideas, thoughts, and opinions.Julian is perfectly right when he addressed the “apathy” of society towards the killings of innocent people. Is really a state of denial. We the victims(and taxpayers) along with government, private industry, legislators etc need to acknowledge our role and responsibility in fighting this cancer.



Mexican president to leave behind unpopular drug-war legacy

On Sep 2, 2012

The war on drugs will be the biggest legacy of outgoing Mexican president Felipe Calderon.

The war on drugs will be the biggest legacy of outgoing Mexican president, Felipe Calderon.

During his six-year term, authorities seized 114 tonnes of cocaine and nearly 11,000 tonnes of marijuana.

But the fight has also killed tens of thousands of people, (Comments)




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