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Despite major safety concerns, why is Japan restarting its nuclear reactors?

( Comments) "Despite major safety concerns, why is Japan restarting its nuclear reactors?" Maybe they need electricity? The alternatives are far worse for japan, burning oil or coal would be far more expensive making most people unable to afford living at all, they would freeze to death in the winter. Not to mention the environmental hazard of those amounts of oil/coal being burnt, which would be far worse than nuclear.

 2 japan don't have choice just because they don't have natural resources, and only solution build new powerplant with safer rector and bitch who talk about coal power in japan is just crazy ,after japan shutdown nuclear powerplant gas power station produce energy cost 6x more than energy at nuclear powerplant

3 Alternate energies water powered engine technology making strides in Japan .. it is most likely who is making money by nuclear power

4 The lady misses the point completely. 'Can Japan afford long-term to increase its imports of oil and coal to make up for the 30% of electricity previously provided by by nuclear power?'. If the answer is yes, they are away to the races. If not, then she needs to suggest a viable alternative. Japan depends on being an exporter to survive the terrible debt it currently maintains. Every dollar increase in imports brings it closer to the Greek situation.

5 Being against nuclear energy is just ignorance.

6 Salt temperature will be around 700-800 degrees Celsius and existing materials (different type of alloys, carbon based composites and etc.) are capable to handle corrosive salts for more 10-15 years. These materials is used e.g in aluminum industry, there hot salt is used.

 7 Although I am all for thorium development and even new generations of LWR Thorium is not currently the silver bullet it claims to be. With current technology for LFTR the plants would only last 10 to 15 years. With the 1500 degree salts circulating its incredibly corrosive. The plants would be replaced ever decade. LWR can last 40 to 50 years before needing replaced. Yes Thorium has issues. We need more a lot more research to extend the life to LFTR plants.




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