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Counting the Cost - The pivot to Asia

On Nov 24, 2012

The United States has been making effort to refocus its military, trade and economic ties with the part of the world that is actually still growing - Southeast Asia. But as ever it is not as simple as that because Barack Obama, the US president, has been touring Southeast Asian nations, trying to persuade them to join a trade-free agreement called the Trans-Pacific Partnership. The catch is that the agreement excludes China.

Who's Comments= Radicals Islamist, Chinese, and Russian fascists are enemies of freedom, prosperity, and humanity. They must go. Western civilization is going global. Our empire exists in the hearts and mind of every ambitious, freedom loving/seeking person, and doesn't need. Thailand needs to pick a side and a future. Do they want to be a Chinese prison state, or a free, western-backed commonwealth. Smart investors will flee Hong Kong long before 2050. Truly wise investors are already safely in Singapore.


Hong Kong downturn hits luxury stores

China has announced its opening up its economy to more private investment. The country's economic growth has been at its slowest for three years, and the effect is being felt in its wealthy territory of Hong Kong.


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