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Gordon Ramsay


Counting the Cost - The cost of the London Olympics

As the 2012 London Olympics begin, we are focusing the world's most-watched sporting festival on this special edition of Counting the Cost. So what is the price tag for London's Games? And when the games are over and the last medal is handed out, what kind of legacy will be left? Joining us to discuss this is Daniel Moylan, the chairman of the London Legacy Development Corporation; and Pamela Gardner, the director of neighbourhoods and communities at East Thames, a housing provider and social regeneration charity. A more immediate challenge than creating a legacy is providing security. And the scale of the security operation for London 2012 is quite staggering. Joining us is Dr. Pete Fussey, a senior lecturer in Criminology at the University of Essex whose work has focused on security and regeneration in relation to major events. Counting the Cost is also looking at the Olympic trademark and the issues behind it. Why are small British businesses being prevented from benefiting from Olympic fever? Is the Olympic branding clampdown going too far? And are Olympic organisers killing off the spirit of the games?

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About a year from now a program titiled olympic legacy what went wrong will be aired on british tv....in it they will ask why the olympics did not live up to what it said it would....the people would have paid for everything to be built....when they really had no money for this and the corporations would have made billions andnot reinvested a cent....people will watch the program...moan and then get on with their lives.....corporations win again....people are so stupid.

 2 It's IMPOSSIBLE for people living in Stratford to get home in their lifetime. Simple math: they all earn minimum salary (or even less, while working part time, or not working at all -> crisis), which is about 1,000GBP a month. Average flat price: 250,000GBP. Inflation is stealing their savings. From 100,000GBP of savings -> ~2,500GBP is lost on inflation each year = 2.5 monthly earnings. BUT before that, of course, it's also not impossible for them to get 100.000GBP savings (costs of life).



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