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Panetta holds talks with China's Xi

 On Sep 19, 2012

The man lined up to be the next President of China has met US Defence Secretary Leon Panetta. Xi Jingping had been out of the spotlight for two weeks. But on Wednesday he held talks with Panetta focused on US-China military relations.


Hong Kong votes in key legislative elections

On Sep 9, 2012

Elections for Hong Kong's legislative council have been overshadowed by a dispute over Chinese influence on the semi-autonomous city state.

More than half the seats in the assembly are being decided.

Who'sComments 1=The CCP serve it purposes for unification and saying no to fucking invades. Please learn some real history ffs. Look at USSR after the fall. Back then in the States, every tv portraits the commie as the bad guy and now same old same old. Why is that? Corporatocracy and Hitler should have finished the job back then... too bad now they're back and eating us alive, including the white. 2=

Enough of your bs American white wash. You speak as if USA is the "true" democratic land and is the best in the world. Your country have 2 parties only and they're just an illusion of choice. Period. Go watch some George Carlin video or something and learn a thing or two. There is no perfect system.





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