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China Day


China pulls out of IMF meeting amid tensions

On Oct 2, 2012

Chinese government ships returned to waters off disputed Japanese-controlled islands Tuesday, the coastguard said, a week after they last left and days after heated exchanges at the United Nations.
Four maritime surveillance ships entered the waters shortly after 12:30 pm (0330 GMT), where they remained for around six hours before departing.
It was the first time in about a week that Chinese ships had entered the waters, following a lull in a diplomatic row over the sovereignty of the islands known as the Senkakus in Japan and Diaoyus in China.
Foreign Minister Koichiro Gemba said the Japanese government lodged an immediate protest with China over the latest case, telling reporters: "We want the Chinese side to exercise self-restraint."
In Beijing, foreign ministry spokesman Hong Lei said China was "strongly unsatisfied" with moves by "Japanese right-wingers" to enter waters around the islands. Who's Comments 1=Actually, they did, but not in public media. They kept fairly quiet because Japan was a major US ally, and China didn't have the power to challenge Japan, who would be backed by US naval might. 2=

I can just as easily say that Indians have a sinister agenda of killing all the Muslims in the world and use the same logic you're using.

You're a dumb shit, who so blinded by his patriotism that he won't acknowledge that his nation is just as corrupt as it's neighbors.

Damn right I'll defend Pakistan from idiots like you, why the hell shouldn't I?

You've simply proven with your comment that you're a hypocrite. You don't criticize India, you just pretend to. 3=

Worst nation on Earth? sinister agenda to kill all Hindus of the world? How stupid are you?

You didn't acknowledge shit, all you're doing is avoiding the fact that your nation is no different than Pakistan. Both nations don't control 10% of their own land, both have an insurgency, both nations are discriminating against a minority group and both have a history of ethnic violence.

If Pakistan is the worst nation on Earth, then India is the worst nation in the Universe.4=Notice how the authoritarian Chinese government didn't make any claims to the Senkaku islands before 1968. The chinese government only got interested after they found out that there could be oil reserved under the sea....the CCP is only flexing it's muscles right now...they're getting too big for their shoes with all worldwide media talking non-stop about their rising economic status...the CCP has already & still is exploiting tibetan land,ugyur land and innner mongolia for their resources. 5=First, Lee Teng-hui former Chinese premier has anounced repeatedly for years that Senkaku belongs to Japan. Second, Yonaguni Okinawa is the closest human dwelling Island to Senkaku. Third, Korea is called small China, Korean follows bigger one blindly. Lastly, over 80% of Japanese are pro-America, meanwhile 90% hates China. Ironically, almost all Japanese mass-medium have been corrupted by CCP trying to raise hatered toward America and to make Japanese sympathise China. Stop the lies. 6=I did acknowledge that what happened in Operation Bluestar and its aftermath was unfortunate. Didnt I? At that time Sikhs and Hindus were victims of Congress politics. Many times I am myself critique India. Still, all things considered, India is a great nation. At least we dont have a sinister agenda like Pak to kill all Hindus of world. Mr. Devils Advocate are you now going to defend the worst nation on earth, Pak? 7=Not the islands, but the waters surrounding them. I believe that whoever has control of these islands can claim, I think about 200km of the waters surrounding them. Fishing grounds, oil, natural gas. Big motivations for the hungry countries of east Asia. 8=before i saw the comment, the first thing came to me is exactly the same as some comments: why just interview japanese people, to be impartial, you have to provide opinions from both sides. 9=There were NEVER 60 million Native Americans in the territory of the United States at ANY time. Most estmates range from 1 to 8 million in the U.S. with the VAST majority dying from exposure to Eurasian diseases which they had no immunity to. The destruction of the Native peoples of the Americas was tragic but inevitable. And Australians don't get to talk shit about how OTHER people treat native peoples. 10=When did I bring hindus into this? I'm talking about Indians in general, no need to get personal with religion and all that jazz.Of course Sikhs were also at fault, but that doesn't excuse the Indians from their mistakes.Before you start blaming Pakistan for every little thing, India did and still does the same thing in Baluchistan, no one denies this, not even RAW. All RAW's spokes people say is "No comment" which is just another way of saying "yeah, we do". If India does so can Pakistan. 11=The dominant force in China at that time was the Kuomintang Party led by CHIANG Kai-Shek. Although Kuomintang had military and supported by America, they seldom wore uniforms to attack Japanese, that means guerrilas. UN burnt out over 7,000 types of Japanese books quickly after Japan surrendered, but most of these books have survived secretly thrue til today. These books tell us what whites did in Asia and how Han Chinese helped whites. None can change true history. 12=In case of Golden Temple incident, siege would have been more appropriate than direct assault. Negotiation even better. But Indira wanted to create a divide between Hindus and Sikhs for votebank politics. Divide and rule, remember? Damage done to Hindu-Sikh relation is irreversible. I ask you how is all of this blamed on Hindus? Did Hindus want any of this? Sikhs are to be blamed too. Sikhs should not have gone for weapons to Pak. They should not have chosen Golden Temple as battleground. 13=if the Japanese are right, how come Taiwan and Korea are both on China's side? Japanese boats travel for hours to this island to bully Taiwanese boats. How do you explain that? Take a look at the map and look at where Taipei , the capital of Taiwan is. Tell me Taiwanese can't sail there? C'mon Japan, stop being a western puppet. Most Japanese also want US out ! I know that because my mother lives in Tokyo. Stop the lies .




First off - learn proper English.

Truth of history is something the Japanese people could never change - you lost the war and the Americans have made you running dogs - to this very day. Worse you people have become their dogs in chains. You can't change the facts. Besides China also won over the Japanese during WW2. So you can go back to your hole and suck at your wounds.  15=

.especially if you won't accept other people passing judgement on you.

The Golden Temple incident could have been resolved peacefully, hell, the entire war could have been avoided if the Indians tried even a little bit to negotiate and talk with the separatist leaders. As far as I'm concerned, Indira Gandhi screwed up big time. Should have known better to assault the holiest place in Sikhism.

You really know very little about your own countries actions and history. 16=

Most of what you just said actually doesn't disputes my claims, hell, it just proves them right.

First, China never retreated, that's just want your indian propaganda centers tell you. The Chinese withdrew their forces as a part of a good will gesture to India, nothing more. India was militarily defeated.

Second, if you were peace loving and good, you wouldn't be calling Kashmiris scum, this only re-enforces the Pakistan's argument against India. Don't pass judgment on to others...17=

CCP never had battle against Japanese military what they did was to spread propaganda such as Nanking Massacre and Unit 731. It was CHIANG Kai-Shek guerrillas that Japan fought against. Read some reports of Nanking Safety Zone Comity which is available at NARA.18=You need to get your facts right. China retreated from Arunachal Pradesh because they could not hold on to the territory because of enormous geographic challenges. The snow fills the mountain passes in winter. Hence AP cannot be supplied from China. Kashmiri scum is loyal to Pak. They deserve whats coming. Indian army assaulted Sikh Golden Temple because Sikh separatists were hiding there. 19=Japan doesn't have nukes, and China doesn't need to use nukes. It's a simple matter of who's willing to make the first move, because the one that does will be the one that suffers the most amount of casualties, but will have a strategic advantage of...well, striking first.20=

lol, nationalism much? India is just as greedy and warmongering as China and Pakistan, or do I need to remind you of the military curfew in Jammu and Kashmir? How about the Maoist insurgency? What about the attack on the Sikh holy temple, which could have been resolved through peaceful solutions?

Also, if you care to remember, when India and China went to war, even though China won, they still decided to give the territory that they controlled back to India. 21=You got that right. India has too many internal problems to focus on foreign policy. There's Muslim-Hindu rioting, corruption, nepotism, environmental degradation to name a few. I prefer partnership with China over US. Not because Chinese are good guys and US bad ones. But China is right next-door. Whether we like each other or not we have to somehow make peace by give and take. Both war and cold-war among us could devastate two most important economic zones of world. 22=i know that you guys have problems with pakistan, but china has never wanted to be your enemy, china wants to be your partner and wants to settle the problems peacefully. if you guys cant settle now, then put the dispute aside and develop first. i believe what india needs is development. dont get fooled by media, they always compare china and india in order to make you guys hate each other. i believe most of indians consider china as parter, not enemy. please dont get foold by the western media! 23=No need to do that. There was a 3 km wide island both India and Bangladesh were contesting as their own. India sent troops and erected Indian flag on the island. Now the territorial dispute is resolved. Because the island is underwater because of sea level rise because of global warming.24=Greetings from India. Yeah! Tell us about it. Chinese are far too greedy. Chinese crave for war with peaceful, pacifist, saint nation India where all races, religions are treated equally. They always support evil regimes like Pak, Pol Pot etc. We offered a hand of friendship with the slogan, "Indian-Chinese brothers". They cut that hand by snatching Aksai Chin from us. Chinese are kindda like Hitler before WWII. No territorial acquisition is enough for them. They always want more. 25=true, i was told the truth of somthing and my comment was removed. i believed that al jizeera was not one of those biased western media, but obviously i was wrong. why didnt aljazeera report the protest in okinawa. japan cares about people , right? why not reporting the 100,000 people protest against america. why not report that 75% of okinawa people wanted to be independent? there were not news? 26=

Actually, the Chinese did own the islands. The Japanese took them when they went to war with China. When the Americans took control of the Island, they chose to give the Island to Japan instead of China, ignoring the fact that China did own the Islands prior to the war.

It isn't about claiming anything, it is about who owns the Island, the Japanese who control the Island, but stole it from China in ww2, or China which has no control of the Islands, but has historical ties to it.26=Well that would be good, I could get my 14 year old daughter out of my hair with all that Japanese cartoon crap, running all my ink out of the printer after she prints out a bunch of Japanese cartoon characters. 27=but they failed, they only killed 260,000 people. they were worried that those chinese descendants would do something to japan. if you see current news that still okinawa people are protesting against america. but japanese government couldnt care less about them. because most of them are chinese descendants. they are discriminated against, and okinawa is least developed and has highest rate of unemployment. japanese dont know the truth. because japanese government dont teach history of ww2 28=before the ww2, acouple of hundreds of chinese descendants fishermen lived there, before ww1 or in 1985, japanese invaded there and forced them to say they are japanese. teach japanese culture, japanese language and japanese names. but still now last survey says even 40% of okinawa people dont think they are japanese. in 2006, 75% okinawa people voted to be independent, but all the media blocked the news. but at the end of ww2, japanese government try to kill all the okinawa people, but...29=You don't know what CCP has done to neighbors for decades. CCP has invaded Manchuria, Mongolia, Tibet, Uhygur, Bhutan, Vietnum, Philippine, and now they are trying to invade Okinawa. Senkaku is just a part of Okinawa, CCP has impudently announced years ago that Okinawa belongs to China. Today, there are hell of CCP agents in Okinawa and mainland Japan working for it. Japan has been failed to establish anti-agents law after the ww2. 30=

Fishing grounds eh? Thats going to be a big problem.... No one wants to give up food. Espeically when japan and most of the east coast of china are relay tons of sea food to and from inland towns/citys for there economy. Food is something everyone needs and no one whats to do without.

Good luck UN if you guys want to get involed. This is one hot mess i'm just going to hope dosen't end badlly.



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