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Khmer girl in Cambodia Country who wants to know Cambodian girls. You must  see Khmer culture and follow them. Khmer girls come outside from thier house.  First, the  Cambodia New Year three days and three night on that time.who has daughter therefor, They let all daughter go out to pagoda or to go play culture Games. Cambodian Khmer GirlKhmer girlswho is living in the City and Country have a difirent style and culture .The Khmer girl who is living in the Countryside is very shy and all those girls still keep culture alive. The girls who lives in the City or Phnom Penh;These  girls are never shy and they have a different culture in the city.   They have a more city and international fashion clothing.
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Forced To Marry Your Kidnapper?

On Nov 6, 2013

"They call it ala kachuu, or "grab and run." In Kyrgyzstan, as many as 40% of ethnic Kyrgyz women are married after being kidnapped by the men who become their husbands, according to a local NGO. Two-thirds of these bride kidnappings are non-consensual—in some cases, a "kidnapping" is part of a planned elopment—and while the practice has been illegal since 1994, authorities largely look the other way. Typically, a would-be groom gathers a group of young men, and together they drive around looking for a woman he wants to marry. The unsuspecting woman is often literally dragged off the street, bundled into the car and taken straight to the man's house—where frequently the family will have already started making preparations for the wedding."* The Young Turks hosts Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian break it down.

'Korean Plastic Surgery' Pictures Go Viral

On Jan 17, 2013

"There's a full-length mirror and a scale on every single floor of the all-girls high school where Julia Lurie works. She's an American teaching English in South Korea, and apparently, South Korea has the highest per capita rate of plastic surgery in the world — one in five women in Seoul have undergone some kind of procedure. Most popular: Eyelid surgery, to make the eyes "more Western," and getting your jawbone shaved or chiseled down for a less-square and more V-shaped look."*
A tumblr blog highlighting before and after pictures of South Korean people with plastic surgery is becoming popular, with people wondering why the particular surgeries are so popular. However, the country has a different view of beauty and plastic surgery than the U.S. Ana Kasparian and John Iadarola discuss.

Canadian government forces farmer off land

On Feb 3, 2014

The Canadian government has exercised its legal right to buy an elderly farmer's land and use it for an adjoining airbase.But 85-year-old Frank Meyers has refused to leave the land that his family has farmed in Trenton, Canada for 215 years.And his supporters are running a social media campaign from an old camping trailer in an attempt to get the government to return the land to Meyers.In Canada, the government can expropriate land for public projects as long as they pay fair compensation. Reports from the town of Trenton near Toronto, Canada.

The Story of Cambodia (Documentary)

on Sep 27, 2013

The Story of Cambodia (Documentary)
This documentary as well as the rest of these documentaries shown here relate to important times and figures in history, historic places and people, archaeology, science, conspiracy theories, and education.
The Topics of these video documentaries are varied and cover ancient history, Rome, Greece, Egypt, science, technology, nature, planet earth, the solar system, the universe, World wars, battles, military and combat technology, current events, education, biographies, television, archaeology, Illuminati, Area 51, serial killers, paranormal, supernatural, cults, government cover-ups, the law and legal matters, news and current events, corruption, martial arts, space, aliens, ufos, conspiracy theories, Annunaki, Nibiru, Nephilim, satanic rituals, religion, strange phenomenon, origins of Mankind, monsters

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Angelina Jolie's Bold Choice for a Double Mastectomy

Cambodia News Khmer TV Cambodian Music Song ស្រុកខ្មែរស្នេហ៌ខ្ញុំច្រៀនរំលែកទុក

Cambodia News Khmer TV Cambodian Song Music ស្រីល្អណាស់នៅខ្មែរភ្នំភេញក្រុង

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King Cobra Part

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Chinese Khmer Movie Chinese dubbed in Khmer Sassy Wife

Thai Cambodia Khmer News The Prime Minister of Thailand and the Prime Minister of Laos Dance Music

Shows the celebrations of the meetings of the two countries of Thailand and Laos. The Prime Minister of Thailand Yingluck Shinawatra and Laos Prime Minister Dancing and celebrating.

The Science of Lust (Full Documentary)

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Season's Greetings !! and Happy Holidays .

Shows Khemarak Sereymon, one of the famous Cambodian singers that travel around the world to perform concerts.
Famous in the Unites, Europe, and in France. Khemarak Sereymon sings throughout the world Cambodian music and songs. He is in karaokes and music song videos. He is very popular with the young peoples and also the older Cambodians. His song is listened with joy and hapiness. Everyone would come up to the singer and ask for a picture taken with the famous Cambodian Singing star.

Prime Minister Hun sen and Thaksin Younger Sister

Prime Minister Hun sen Thaksin Younger Sister Abhisit Vejjajiva Prime MinisterShinawatra
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